A Six-Year-Old Orphan Distributes Little Toys in Order to Make People Happy


This is a video that starts out tragically and seems to lift the spirits of the people who are watching it just as readily. The six-year-old boy portrayed in this video has recently lost both his father and his mother, and now lives with a guardian. His grief is still evident from the interview segments portrayed in the video. However, instead of collapsing in grief, this is a little boy who actually wants to work through his grief in a way that helps other people.

He has now made a practice of going around the neighborhood and giving people little toys for free. These are typically things like rubber duckies and little dinosaurs. He gives them to adults, demonstrating that he has no age barriers when it comes to compassion. The adults are sometimes so touched that they’re in tears. Lots of people on Facebook would consider this to be a heartwarming video.


Doc Hallenstein

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