Sleeping Dad Wakes Up Just In Time To Save His Toddler Daughter From Falling


This video is quite amazing and showcases the super-human power of a parent who realizes their child is in danger! As this dad was sleeping, his little girl climbed up on the bed and proceeded to raise her little arms high into the air. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Just as the little girl was about to topple backwards over the bed, the dad wakes up and quickly shoots out his arm to catch her. This dad is what superheroes are made of!

When you see his arm shoot out to catch his little girl just at the brink of her fall, you will be absolutely amazed! It is as if he knew she was in danger while he was sleeping and he woke just to save her life. Thankfully, his instincts paid off and she was kept from falling and being hurt. If you think this dad is a hero, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Mutha Microlax