This Small Child Has Something Amazing To Share


This inspiring video starts out very simple. As the little boy walks through a library, you can tell that he is fascinated with what he is seeing. After rushing through the rows of books, the child comes to desk and slowly begins to pull out one of the drawers.

What the boy found inside was something very simple but powerful. The boy pulls out a handful of chalk and then runs down the hall with it. Very excited, he makes his way outside where other students are playing in the courtyard. As the students starts to draw, a teacher makes his way to the child. But what the little boy is drawing is simply amazing. Once the video starts to come to an end you will see what the tiny child has drawn. As he lay there on top of his drawing, you will see that he has drawn a mother which he wishes so much to have. The boy is an orphan and all he wants is a mother to love him.