Snapchat Video Shows Jimmy John’s Employees Playing With Bread Dough!


This video features the Snapchat footage that was recently released. In the video, you will see Jimmy John’s employees playing with bread dough. One employee jumps rope with the dough while one wears it. People were horrified when they saw this video footage because they feared the dough was baked and sold. According to a statement released by the owners, the dough was discarded.

Evidently, the employees at this Florida Jimmy John’s were just playing around with leftover dough and it was immediately discarded when they were done. The owners of the restaurant say appropriate action has been taken to make sure this never happens again. You will have to watch this video to determine what you think. Were these employees having harmless fun or did they break laws? No matter what the owners say, it appears this video is making people think twice before eating at the location. Watch and Please SHARE on Facebook.