Sneaky Monkeys Start Stealing Things From Tourists and Holding Them for a Ransom of Food


Monkeys are animals who are known for being sneaky, and the monkeys in this video live up to that reputation. These monkeys start off the video by compulsively stealing from as many tourists as they can find. They’re not stealing food, however. They’re stealing the sunglasses and hats from the tourists’ very heads. They’re even stealing their smartphones.

The monkeys aren’t doing this because any of these items are important to them. They have just figured out that these items are important to humans. The presenter of the video manages to get his phone back by offering the monkey some eggs to eat. Oddly, the monkey passes up the bananas and peanuts, which monkeys like according to the stereotype.

These monkeys have clearly grasped the concept of barter. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it raises important questions about animal intelligence, and people find monkeys lovable in spite of their behavior here.