It’s Snow Day At The Oregon Zoo And The Animals Are Having A Blast!


The animals at the Oregon Zoo are all excited because it is the first snow of the season. As you watch the video, you will get to see Polar Bears, Seals, and Elephants all having a blast in the snow. They look like kids who are seeing the snow for the first time and the sight of them will melt your heart! These animals are all clearly enjoying the white powder.

You do not want to miss these loveable animals having so much fun. The Polar Bear just rolls around in the cold powder, enjoying every second of the fun. The seals have a great time going from the cold water to the cold powder and the elephant is so excited it makes noises of delight! This is a video you are going to love watching so make sure you watch it all. Enjoy and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.