A Social Experiment Demonstrating Whether or Not People Would Help a Lost Child


Videos involving social experiments can communicate a lot of information very quickly. In this video, a little girl approaches passersby while telling them that she has lost her mother and asking them for help. Viewers will get to see all of the diverse reactions that she generates on the street. Some of them were positive, some of them were negative, and some of them were terrifying.

Some of the people she talks to during the video actually do help, asking about her mother’s cell phone number. Other people rudely rebuked her on the street. Some people offered to stay with her when they called the police. The video took a frightening turn towards the end. A person who was discovered to have a history of abusing children tried to forcefully take the girl with him, and the police had to be called. Many people on Facebook would find this video interesting, as well as highly emotionally provocative.