Soldier Buys His Childhood Family Home After It Was Lost To Foreclosure


This is a truly feel-good story you will want to hear. The soldier in this video grew up in the tiny pink house that went up for foreclosure. As he served in the military, he learned his father had lost his job and the home he and his family loved so much. He secretly began saving his military pay and was able to save up $30,000 in an attempt to buy back his family home. Thankfully, the seller came down on the price and he was able to purchase the home as a surprise for his family.

This story will truly touch your heart and make you happy for this special family. Although this house might not seem like much to most people, to this family, it meant the world! Now, they can live in it together and retain those special memories. If you think this video is truly touching, Please SHARE on Facebook.

ABC15 Arizona