A Soldier Returns Home and is Greeted With a New Puppy


Being surprised with a new puppy would be a treat for anyone. For a soldier returning home, a puppy could be just the thing that he would need in order to brighten his spirits. Soldiers are used to complicated situations that are extremely physically and emotionally draining. A creature as sweet and simple as a puppy would be heaven to them.

The puppy in this video is particularly adorable. The solider is actually greeted publicly with the puppy, and is extremely surprised by the whole thing. He seems to refuse to believe it at first. It is possible that someone who has been in such a stressful situation for so long may have stopped believing that good things could happen for him. The life of a soldier is one that can promote pessimism, which is why it is so great when good things happen to these people. Folks on Facebook would love this video.