Soldier Rushes Home For the Birth of His Baby and Surprises His Wife With Disguise


This video offers one of those sweet moments that just makes you smile thinking about it. As a new mom was giving birth, she was going through it without her husband by her side. Little did she know, he was nearer than she thought he was. When she began to feel more pain than she could handle, she called to see the anesthesiologist so she could get relief. When he entered the room and began speaking, she could not believe her ears and soon realized it was her soldier husband!

This wonderful reunion almost did not take place because the soldier was delayed several times in his attempt to get home in time to see his daughter born. Through a lot of difficulties, he made it just before the big event and got to be there for the birth of his firstborn! What a wonderful memory these two will share for the rest of their lives! If you think this story is truly touching, Please SHARE on Facebook.