Soldier Son Plans Epic Surprise Reunion For His Loving Mom


This soldier told his mom he would be home in late July but he decided to surprise her a month early at her job. In this video, the soldier is sitting outside at his mom’s job, reading a newspaper and wearing sunglasses in an attempt to try and disguise himself. As she walks out with a coworker, she walks right past her son and does not realize at first it is him. When it dawns on her, she leaps for joy and jumps in her son’s arms, holding him as tight as she possibly can.

Soldier reunions are so special to watch because they make us realize what a sacrifice the soldier and their family go through. Most people do not realize what the families go through as they pray for their sons and daughters to be safe in service. When you see this mom’s tears of joy, you may find a tear or two escape your own lids. To honor this brave soldier, Please SHARE on Facebook.

larry s