Soldier Works To Bring Home His Puppy From Iraq


The United States soldier in this video wanted to bring home the puppy he had saved while he was on duty in Iraq but red tape prevented it from happening for a long time. The soldier named him Ollie and the dog became his best friend for the length of his duty in Iraq. When it came time for the soldier to come home, he was crushed that he could not bring his puppy with him! This video shows the news story on how he made it possible.

With help from friends and family, the soldier was able to raise the money he needed to be able to bring Ollie to The States. It took thousands of dollars, but this soldier believes it was worth every penny. He did not want Ollie turned loose in Iraq because he feared for his safety. Seeing these two be reunited is sure to touch your heart. After watching, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.