Solomonia-The Kid Singer Who Sent Judges Into Tears


Solomonia arrives on stage confidently, holding a microphone in her hand as judges and the crowd look on.
She is signaled to start as soft soothing music begins to play in the background. As she gets herself ready, judges begin to laugh as she they turn away their faces.

Solomonia picks courage and begins to sing her ‘Time To Say Goodbye Song’ .The crowd starts cheering on but the judges seem not impressed. They even make an attempt to walk away, not knowing that they were in for a huge surprise.

As she continues to sing her emotive song, emotions begin to fill the aura as judges begin to pay attention to her amazing voice.
Emotions intensify as some people begin to shed tears. The female judge is equally overwhelmed with emotions and she can’t help dropping into tears.
Her plausible, irresistible and outstanding performance moves the judges until they give her a standing ovation. The audience arises as they cheer on in downright amazement. A round of applause fills the auditorium and everyone is excited. She concludes by saying her name.Please SHARE in facebook

National Geographic