Someone Abandoned This Sick Dog In The Forest, Watch The Unthinkable Happen!


While we have heard it severally that dog are the best friends we have around, it seems that phrase does not fit everyone. Some mistreat them, abandon them in the streets and forests, and subject them to a lot of evil. The clip below provides us with an example of how evil some people can decide to be.

Someone abandoned the pup in a deserted forest. When she was found, his entire body was covered b flees and was feeble as well as exhausted. After being rescued, she was treated and given the care she had missed all along.

Though Zoey is now a humorous, healthy and jovial dog, she is yet to find a forever home. All in all, we are pleased with the kind of change she has gone through. When you watch her at the end of the clip, you won’t believe it is the same pup who used to be sick and unhealthy.

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