Someone Special Is Waiting for You to Arrive Home Safely So Don’t Drink and Drive!


This Budweiser campaign ad was produced as a means to try and make people realize how important it is to avoid drinking and driving. In this video, a guy is shown spending time with his special furry friend. When he tells the dog he is going out but will be back later, you can see the look of sadness on the dog’s face. Imagine how long the dog waits and waits for his owner to return. What if he hadn’t!

Thankfully, this ad campaign has a happy ending! Although the doggie had to wait all night for his owner, he finally came home after sleeping off the drinks he had. This man chose the smart choice and did not risk his life by drinking and driving. This sweet video will touch your heart as you see the reunion happen. What a special relationship there is between dog and man! Check out this video and then make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook to raise awareness and save lives.