A Son’s Journey Towards Buying His Dad a Great New Car


Parents often dream about their kids buying them expensive cars, since it signifies that their kids have become financially successful people, and it also shows that their kids have a lot of love and gratitude for them. This is clearly the case for the adult son in this video.

The video is long enough that people are able to really get a sense of the situation. They’ll know about the current state of the dad’s former car, and just how much he needed a new one. They’ll get to see the son actually purchase the car to begin with, which has a way of making the whole situation feel more real. They’ll know something about the dynamics of the family in question. They’ll also get to see the father’s ecstatic and stunned reaction to the car on his birthday. This video feels like a professional short film in many ways, while still being a family film.

Christian Guzman