A special teacher is rewarded for her unselfish work with children


A kindergarten teacher in New Mexico was brought on the Ellen show in order to be interviewed by Ellen and to share what she does for the children there. This is a teacher that still has students from up to five grades later returning to say hello, get a quick hug or just to say thank you for her help with them. She touches the lives of all the children that she teaches and goes above and beyond that to help them.

On occasion child protective services will have to go to a school in order to rescue children that were in bad situations at home. On one such incidence that took place at the school she worked at, the agent for the children had no emergency home to place them in. This teacher took it upon herself to help and took the kids home to care for. What was supposed to be one night, turned into a week, then a month, and then though the holidays. Now she has adopted them and they are part of her own family. More than that, this teacher will take money out of her own pocket to help others, the school and those in need.

Ellen hears all of this, and shows a video that will bring tears to your eyes. It’s from the school and the children that she has helped, all of them telling her thank you and showing their appreciation. Ellen then rewards not only the teacher with a check from Target for ten thousand dollars, but also the same amount for the school she works for.