The Special Touchdown That Changed Lives


This video is a story of a middle school football team in Olivet, Michigan. The Olivet Eagles team players did something amazing in the field that will change their lives especially to one special player. The team took under their wing a rookie player, Keith Orr, who has learning disability but a very sweet kid. Despite of Keith’s special nature the team gladly accepted him. And to prove that they really care about Keith, his teammates designed a plan that will change his life.

Without the knowledge of their coach, the team players meticulously planned their moves so Keith can deliver a touchdown, which happened during a home game. The team’s plan worked which was to bring the ball to the one yard line and dropped in order to give Keith the chance to score a touchdown. Protected by his teammates, Keith successfully crossed the line and have his first touchdown. His parents were both happy for their son’s achievement. As for Keith, he described his achievement to be awesome.

It is very moving to see young people who strive to make others happy and make them feel part of the family. Before you go, don’t forget to SHARE this wonderful story on Facebook so your friends and family can see it as well.

CBS Evening News