A Spider Escapes From a Banana in a Dramatic and Terrifying Manner


Many people find bugs in their food from time to time, but they’re usually fruit flies and other relatively nonthreatening creatures. They’re not usually large spiders, and the large spiders don’t present themselves in a surprising and threatening way. The video’s focus is on a banana that just appears to be a regular banana at first, until the peel appears to move. Spider legs come into view as the spider is trying to escape from the slightly open banana.

Finally, after widening the hole in the peel enough, the spider more or less manages to burst out of the banana peel entirely, falling onto the table and looking disoriented in the process. Its previous attempts to escape only make the conclusion more frightening and suspenseful for the viewers who are watching with anticipation. This is certainly not a great video for people with arachnophobia, but most other people on Facebook will probably enjoy it.