Spooky Ghost Image Caught On Camera As It Jumps Into Pond!


This video will chill you to the bone! For years, people have been attempting to catch ghosts on film and some have been successful in their attempts, like the makers of this video. As you will see, there are two boys playing together in the pond, near an ancient bridge. As they play and splash about, there is soon an unknown visitor! As you will see in the video, these two boys are not alone.

After a few seconds of play, the video reveals a ghostly image that comes jumping off the bridge and into the water. When you see this ghostly image, it will shock you! Some skeptics say the video has been doctored and cannot be believed. You will have to watch the entire video to make a determination. Keep your eyes on the bridge so you do not miss the image! After watching, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.