They Spot A Stray German Shepherd While Driving, What Follows Surely Gives Hope!


These men were driving in the streets when they spotted a stray dog in the streets. They knew instantly they had to get it to a shelter before someone abused it. That is what they do. They receive a call about stray dogs, or drive around looking for dogs that look like they need help. When they find one, they use their animal care skills to befriend the canine. Once they establish some kind of relationship, they take out the leash and tie it around the animal’s neck. Finally they take it into the car and drive to their shelter where the pet is checked for any health problems.

Once they are done, they let it join the rest of the animals as they await someone to come and adopt it. We see that happening in the video below, and these guys seem to love what they are doing. It is kind of them to care for animals like that.

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