St Bernard Dog Gets Final Dying Wish


They say dogs are man’s best friend and this emotional video shows the unbreakable bond between the two.

Sophia, a St Bernard, is about to be put down after being diagnosed with bone cancer. Alyson, her owner was looking for something special to give her a nice send-off. Fortunately, an indoor ski slope in Manchester is on hand to help. Sophia loves the snow and after Alyson sent a hopeful email to them asking whether the dog could come and play. To her great surprise, just one day before the St Bernard was due to be put to sleep, they said yes.

Sophia had shown little interest in anything during her final days, but once on the snow, she began to look more like her previous self, rolling around and playing. The wonderful connection between human and animals is shown here in its rawest form, and it is a real tear-jerker Please share this video on Facebook.

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