A Staged Performance of an Objection at a Wedding That Develops Into a Silly Physical Fight


Many people are doing all sorts of different things in order to make their weddings relatively memorable. People want to be able to make their weddings both unique and traditional at the same time. This is a video of a staged performance at a wedding that manages to poke fun at the old trope of someone raising an objection to the wedding. At the same time, this performance seems to honor that trope.

The objection is raised in a very obvious and outrageous manner, signaling that it is clearly a joke. The groom and the objector then start fighting with silly implements rather than fighting with swords in order to parody the duel that would result in stereotypical situations like this. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly very funny, and it might give people some ideas for what they should do at their own weddings.

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