They Start Filming When They WatchHow This Inmate And The Pit Bull relate… WOW!


There is that part within you that gets awakened when you relate with an animal!

This film is titled “Dogs On The Inside” and it features the partnership between a dog shelter and one Massachusetts prison. Both inmates and dogs are given something to smile about by this kind of partnership. The bond between these animals and inmates flourishes and makes them rediscover their love and humanity while they are working their way to reuniting with the society. These two groups are regarded as societal outcasts and seeing them interact this way is so heartwarming. Just like inmates, breeds like rottweilers and pit bulls are shunned by the community and when they are left to relate, they rediscover the lost understanding, friendship and affection.

Within this trailer, the homeless and abandoned dogs are brought to the prison where they are introduced to their new companions. It does not take long before these two groups get used to each other.

Do you think these programs should be introduced in other prisons countrywide?

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