A Starving, Sick And Malnutritioned Maltese Gets Rescued From The Streets


The Maltese is well known for its playful nature and ever joyous mood. This animal rescue team responded to a call about a Maltese that was living on the streets by the mercy of a bunch of kids who were feeding her just to keep her alive. When the team arrives, they find her hiding under a car as the heat of the day had taken a toll on her.

Upon seeing the strangers, she first became defensive as she barked at them before realizing that no one meant any harm. One of them threw some dog food to her and oh boy, she was really hungry.

Back at the center, she was bathed and groomed before being treated of various infections and parasites. As you will see, after taken to her foster home, she was a normal playful Maltese as she played with the other dogs and she seems happy and rejuvenated.
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Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

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