Stay on Your Toes


You never know when you’ll find yourself with limited resources while out in the wilderness. Accidents happen: you could run out of supplies on a camping trip, get lost during a hike, have to struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland–the possibilities are endless. No matter what your problem, these seven survival hacks will keep you covered.

This video guides you through the basic essentials to stay alive and well. Learn how to use two jars and a rolled up piece of cloth to filter dirty, murky water into clean water that’s ready to boil. It also tells you how to start a simple fire with an egg carton and charcoal so you have something to boil that water with, as well as two different types of candles: one that will shine brightly and another that will burn for hours. Even with your three types of fire, making some food can be difficult, so a quick and simple way to build a solar-powered microwave is also included.

Now that the basics out of the way, a handy tip for getting rid of mosquitoes and other bugs is thrown in for convenience. Getting home is the only thing left, and this video shows you how to manage just that with an easy makeshift compass guide. Share this on Facebook for all of your friends to see–whether they’re just trying to make a backyard camping trip more fun or fighting through hordes of nuclear undead, they’ll thank you for it.