This Step Dance Flashmob Performance at the Dublin Airport Will Knock Your Socks Off!


As the escalators come down with a group of girls, clad in the same T-shirts and dress, the people in the Dublin Airport have no idea what awaits them. Soon, the music begins playing and the performance begins to unfold. In this video, the cast of Take the Floor 2013 take the floor and begin to dance in traditional Irish formation. Their choreography is flawless as they thrill the surprised audience with their skill. Through each step, they will dance their way into your heart!

This cast features 60 of the world’s best Irish step dancers from over 11 countries. As they perform, you will be blown away at their mastery! This performance was considered a kick-off for their tour that would bring them to Dublin’s Helix Theatre. As you watch this video, you will be mesmerized by the foot action these young girls have. Once you have watched, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can witness their sheer talent!

Take The Floor