Stevie Nicks Still Has “It” As She Performs “Landslide” On America’s Got Talent Finale


When America’s Got Talent came to a close this year, they invited a special guest to help them celebrate the finale. Stevie Nicks may be sixty-eight years old but she is still as talented as ever and does not look a day over forty. When you hear her singing “Landslide”, you will be blown away by her beautiful voice that has not aged a single day! This woman will make you have chills as she sings.

This beautiful video showcases the best moments from the season, including the moment the winner won. It is amazing to hear Stevie’s voice and enjoy every moment of her iconic song as she showcases the many talents that have graced the stage this year. If you are a Stevie Nicks fan, you do not want to miss this phenomenal performance that shows off her talent. Watch to the end so you do not miss the best parts and Please SHARE On Facebook.