Stop Your Aluminum foil From Falling out of The Package


This video is a great little life hack brought to you from the Crazy Russian Hacker who likes to point out simple and common mistakes that are easily solved. This happens to show a real basic life hack that most people don’t even realize since we are always in such a hurry.

This life hack involves those long little packages of clear wrap plastic wrap and aluminum foil. The problem is that when you open the package and go to pull some out, many times the entire roll comes out with it. This is very frustrating and can lead to the wrong size pieces or wasted pieces. The Crazy Russian Hacker was making the same mistake, which he explains in this video at the end. What he happened to figure out was that there are little tabs on the sides of both packages. When you press them in on both sides it stops the roll from coming out of the package. This saves a lot of trouble and wasted product. The weird thing is that it actually says to do this on the packages, even generic brands will tell you to press the tabs in. Sometimes instructions should be followed.

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