A Story That Explains How You Can Be Blind To So Many Good Deeds That Others Do For You


This is the saddest story you will ever watch that teaches you the importance of treating and loving your neighbor as you never know what value they add to your life. The video is about a homeless man who spends his nights sleeping out in the cold in front of another man’s shop. The shop owner loathes the homeless man as he chases him away every morning he opens his shop. He beats him up, pours water on him and even hurls insults at him every morning.

However, noticing his absence for three consecutive mornings, he gets bothered, misses him actually, wondering where he vanished to. After viewing the surveillance tape, he is surprised to see that the homeless man chased away robbers and everyone who tried to trash the shop whose doorstep he called home. The shop owner starts to remember how ill he treated the same man who protected his shop every night.

As he saw the sad fate of the homeless man, he breaks down into tears as he wishes he treated the man with some dignity. Kindly spread this message by sharing this touching story with your friends on Facebook.