A story of a famous lead guitarist becoming a watchmaker


Sometimes, we love doing the things that we want. And while many of us might believe that becoming a doctor or scientist is what is our destiny, different people have different dreams.

Watch this video as Dan Spitz, who was once the lead guitarist and the co-founder of the famous thrash metal band Anthrax, tells his story of how he went on to become a watchmaker.

In the video he talks about his band Anthrax and its popularity and why he decided to change the course in 1995. He talks about how he decided to choose oven-guard watchmaking and moved to Switzerland. He also discusses about the complexity and difficulty in the watchmaking process and the feeling of euphoria when you successfully overcome it. The video is an example that shows it is never too late for doing anything. All you need is the dedication and will to achieve your goal and the path will become easier.

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