The Story Of Riley The Puppy Who Got Rescued From The Bottom Of A Canyon


This video tells of a story of one Zak Anderegg who rescued an abandoned puppy, Riley, whom he found back in June 20, 2010 in the bottom of a 350 feet deep slot canyon. Zak had gone for a hike in the Arizona desert when he came across an abandoned black puppy that was left for the dead as there is no other logic explanation as to how the puppy got there.

After feeding the puppy, it was time to begin the journey back to the top of the canyon for both Zak and his new found puppy. With his ropes and every needed tool they got back on the surface.

Zak and his family decided to adopt the puppy and give the little dog the life every animal deserves. With proper medical care, toys, people to play with and a good place to live in, Riley is now a happy dog with a caring and loving family that came as an unexpected gift to him.Kindly SHARE Riley’s rescue story on Facebook and all other social media platforms.