A Story of True Inspiration, Hope and Love


Backed by Bon Jovi’s hit, “Thank You For Loving Me,” this video takes viewers on a journey into the life of a disfigured kitten that made it, even against remarkable odds.
Disfigured and deformed, everyone told the owners the little kitten would never make it; however, they saw her spirit and life and decided to help her fight. With love, tenderness and exceptional care this little kitten not only made it – she thrived.

This video takes you on a journey from her early days, shows how she was cared for and then illustrates the wonderful life she lives today with her family. Once you watch the video, there is a good chance you will be smiling – or crying – due to the sheer perseverance that this kitten showed the world. Be sure to share this video with all your friends and family on Facebook.

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