Stovetop Popcorn – Delicious Healthy Snacks to Make at Home


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For those on a fixed budget, making popcorn on the stove can help them save a couple of dollars. Bagged popcorn are less expensive than buying microwavable popcorn bags.

Just follow the easy instructions and you cannot go wrong. The deep wide pot with two side handles is important because it gives the popcorn enough space to pop.

The instructions also call for you to add the oil and allow it to heat on medium heat. Test it by placing two kernels in the pot without covering it. Once the two kernels pop, that is a good indication that you can pour the rest of the popcorn. Place the lid on the pot and with some good kitchen mittens hold the handles and shake pot every 10 seconds. At this point, you can get that sweet popcorn aroma from the pot (smile).

Listen for that popping corn and once you begin to hear a 3-4 second silence between each pop—that’s the time to remove from heat.

Popcorn is not only one of the top ten most common snacks, it is an easy to make Healthy Snack. It is better than eating a bag of potato chips. The popcorn is sugar free, fat free and low in calories.

It is also a whole grain which is great as a dietary fiber. Watch entire video to get all the instructions. Please Share in Facebook!