Stray Kitten Swam All The Way to Fisherman After He Gave Her Food and Snuggles…


A fisherman gave a street kitten some food; then it swam all the way to him.

Jason and his friend went fishing. Prior going to the lake on a boat, a little cat, Dory, came over to him. Celeste Kassler, Jason’s mommy, told Love Meow that the kitten was emaciated, so Jason gave her some chicken and water.

After giving the kitty some affection and attention, the little tuxedo was excited and allows them to start fishing.
Just a few minutes after he was approaching the center of the lake, he saw the cat meowing on a stem. Then after a while, Jason heard splatter and quickly turned around.

In a moment he saw a beaver swimming towards him. Then he realized it was her. This was according to Celeste when she was talking to Love Meow. She continues to say that by the time they picked up the anchor and got the rows collectively to go to get her, she was already in the boat, an Olympic champion at six months old.

Dry remained with Jason and his buddy and chilled on the boat.

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