Street Performer Has Enough And Attacks Belligerent Man


Street performers have a rough job because they are subject to the whims of the people. The living statue performer in this video is painted gold and is standing in a stiff pose so as to look like a statue. To irritate the performer, a man comes along to try and make him move. He gets right in his face and makes loud noises in an attempt to provoke the man. What happens next is beyond what you would expect!

When this guy grabs the performer’s crotch, this has just gone way too far. The guy gets hit right in the face by the performer! This performer had put up with a lot from the belligerent fellow but this was just too much for him to handle so he clocked the guy. Most people feel he had every right but you will have to watch the entire video to decide. After you enjoy, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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