Street Performer Stuns


When a barefoot, blonde girl began singing in the middle of a busy shopping mall, the passers by mistook her for just another busker looking to make some change. The difference was that unlike the average street performer, this young lady poured rare emotion into her dramatic vocal performance.

A few shopping patrons paused to watch this stunning blonde, wearing a print sundress and flowered hairband. Some just gave her a glimpse and kept on walking. That didn’t deter this powerful songstress, who gave the performance her all, as if she were up on a grand stage. Her delivery reflected pure professionalism, and a vocal range extraordinary for someone so young. This girl radiated pure talent and her voice soared over the throng of busy shoppers like a bird singing in a tree, well above the fray.

It was sad that at the end of her lovely song, only a few spectators applauded. It’s hoped that this does not deter her from giving other impromptu performances for more appreciative crowds.

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