Stressed And In Need Of Something To Liven You Up? Well, These Puppies Are Up To It!


Pets can be lovely to watch, more especially if they are still in their young stage. This is because at this age, they tend to have extra energy that the only way to utilize it is in playing. Pet owners will confess to you that these plays are very relaxing, and can relieve your stress if you happen to have it.

In the following clip, we have the opportunity of seeing two puppies playing together. They are not playing any game, but a specific one known as tug of war. Just by the fact of watching them play, it generates in you this relaxation emotion and also a smile on the face.

Make sure to watch this clip of two different breeds of dogs playing together. Nikai who is a wolf puppy aged nine weeks, is busy engaged in a tug of war with a border collies of 13 weeks of age. It’s so surprising how they got to play together since it’s their very first time to meet.

The Border collie seems to have won the game, but from the play you could note that in a couple of months to come, Nikai can surely win the competition.

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