A Stunning Hallelujah Cover That Puts Many Others to Shame


Hallelujah is one of the most popular songs ever written. Over fifteen years after it first became popular, and it continues to inspire talented musicians who are interested in giving it their own unique tribute. It also continues to be moving to an audience that never seems to be able to get enough of it. In this video, people can listen to a gorgeous new instrumental cover of Hallelujah, featuring a talented violinist and pianist. The video is gorgeously shot and seems to have been filmed professionally.

The musicians both have a certain intensity to them, as if they’re trying as hard as they can to pay tribute to this gorgeous song. Their efforts certainly succeed. Even to people who have heard this song thousands of times, this is a fantastic and mesmerizing performance. People all across Facebook will want to see and hear this video, especially if they’re fans of the song themselves.