This Super Adorable Golden Retriever Can’t Get Enough Of Watching Squirrel Videos


Before you watch this video, you need to be warned of how cute it is! This adorable golden retriever has such a truly cute look on his face as he watches the squirrel video playing on his laptop. This video is footage from a live feed video where squirrels and birds come to eat. The dog is so amazed and even entranced by the video, he simply lays his nose against the keyboard and watches every second, barely blinking an eye through the entire thing.

The look on his face is something you will smile about every time you think of it. If only life were so simple and joy came so easily! This little guy clearly loves watching his squirrel friend. It appears it is his favorite channel. This video is so cute, you may want to watch it a second time. Check out this adorable golden retriever and Please SHARE on Facebook.