Super-Cute Kitten Does Everything He Can to Gain the Attention of His Dog Friend


When this beautiful husky begins eating his food, he has no time for anything else, including the adorable kitten who is biting on his leg. This cute video will make you smile and even laugh out loud as you see the lengths this little one goes to try and get the husky to notice him. This little kitten is truly determined to have his dog friend back playing with him and he will stop at nothing to get his attention!

Throughout the video, the little kitten bites, tugs, and plays with the feet of the much larger husky. Although the husky glanced back at the kitten once or twice, he is not phased by the attention he is getting and simply wants to continue eating. It is clear to see this is a patient dog and the kitten truly loves his mate. If you think this pair is too cute for words, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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