Its Super Easy To Make Your Very Own Peanut Butter!


As always, Gemma Stafford has created an easy recipe to help her bakers create delicious dishes. In this video, she is showing her viewers how to create their very own peanut butter. This peanut butter only takes three simple ingredients and it is perfect on toast, over ice cream, or right out of the jar. All you will need for this delicious recipe is roasted, salted peanuts, honey, and oil.

If you watch the entire video, you will see how super easy it is to create this delicious peanut butter and it tastes so much better than store bought! You will feel so much better serving this to your family instead of the store bought jars which contain preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Once you taste this special peanut butter, you will never want to purchase it again! Check out this amazing video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.