A Superintendent’s Speech is Apparently Interrupted By a Parody of a Song From Les Miserables


This video begins in a very sober fashion. A superintendent is giving a speech to prepare the audience of professionals for the fact that the new school year is one the verge of starting again, and that the relaxation of the summer is finished for them. However, her utterance of the phrase ‘one more day’ almost seems to function as a magic phrase in this video. Her speech is soon seemingly interrupted by singers who start doing a seemingly impromptu parody of the song One Day More from the popular musical Les Miserables.

This parody certainly captures the audience’s attention more effectively than almost anything else could. It possibly helps them appreciate the impermanence of summer that much more effectively as well. However, it mainly succeeded in making the meeting much more fun than it ever could have been otherwise for everyone involved. This is a video that people would really like on Facebook.

Greg Hudson