What seemed like just another day of surfing turned into an unforgettable beach experience for a few lucky surfers. While they were chasing the waves, they had a wonderful encounter with a small sea lion, but at first the surfer felt movement in the water behind him and feared a possible shark attack.

He was relieved when it turned out to be a child stamp and was shocked by this sudden guest. Sea lions are a common sight near the beach and are used by surfers, but they rarely come close to you, let alone get on board!

So when the surfer saw that this was a friendly little pup, he immediately relaxed and went with the flow.

The pup ended up wandering around and eagerly jumped onto the skateboard. The group spent the next hour surfing, cuddling, playing in the ocean, surfing, and relaxing on top of the board.

Fortunately, they had a Go-Pro with them to capture the moment and watch the amazing interaction. The young sea lion is really remarkably sweetheart and friendly.

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