Surprising Little Secret Facts About Vinegar and its Utilities


Vinegar is one of the common liquid found in every home. Its uses range from cooking to cleaning. It is used as a food preservative in pickles and canned foods. Its tangy tastes make it an inevitable ingredient in cooking too. The video informs you about the suprising little secret facts on vinegar cleaning ability. The strategy is instant with productive home tips which you can try anytime.

 Firstly if your sink is clogged with dirt take a 3-5 spoons of baking soda and half a glass of vinegar. Put them on the clogged sink. Once the foams stop wash the sink with hot water.

 Removing a colored tape can leave marks on the wall or the cupboard. Sprinkle some vinegar. After few seconds wipe it off with a cloth. The area becomes crystal clear.

 The waste/trash box smells odd at times. Take a piece of bread soaked in vinegar and leave it inside the trash box. Remove it next day and the bad odor fades away.

 Prepare your powerful cleaning solution with vinegar. Mix one-third quantity of vinegar and rest with water. Add few drops of dishwasher solution too. Your home made cleaning solution is ready.

 The fruit flies can be kept away by filling half a glass of “Apple Cidar Vinegar”. Cover it with thin plastic sheet. Make some holes on the plastic. The flies get trapped and can never escape.

 No time to iron your shrunk shirt. Vinegar can help you. Mix in the ratio of one cup of vinegar with 3 cups of water. Then sprinkle it on the shrank portion and hang it to dry and watch how perfect it is.

 Your little pets, especially cats find your sofa too cozy place to rest. Spray some vinegar on the sofa. Cats dislike the smell of vinegar.

 Your flower arranged in the flower vase gets dried quickly. Use apple cider vinger along with the water. The flowers stay longer and fresh.

 Your sun glasses look dirty. Spray few drops of vinegar and wipe it with soft cloth. Your glasses are clean and clear.

 Vinegar is handy in cleaning kitchen utilities as well. Remove tough stains by pouring some vinegar and some amount of water. Boil for it few minutes. Your pan is ready with no stains.

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