Sweet Baby Girl Cries Every Time Her Daddy And Mommy Kiss


If you are looking for a video to make you smile, this is sure to do the trick! The little baby in this video is so adorable with her round little cheeks and big blue eyes. While she is normally full of joy, there is one thing that will make her cry each and every time…she hates when her parents kiss. When mommy and daddy smooch, the little one begins to tear up in the cutest way!

This sweet little baby is obviously jealous of the kisses mommy and daddy are giving each other. She does not want to share the love and begins to cry each time their lips touch. What an adorable baby whose parents obviously adore her and each other! If you love watching babies, you will want to watch this entire video, maybe more than once. After you enjoy the video, Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can too.