Sweet Grey Kitten is Finally Adopted – But When New Mom Looks at His Collar, She Discovers a Secret Message


When Jared and Kat decided to adopt a pet, they knew their lives were about to change for the better. That became very apparent the day the process happened!

Since Jared’s mom works with the SPCA, the couple didn’t have a hard time finding a suitable pet to adopt. They met Gandalf, a cute gray kitty. Gandalf was living at the shelter and waiting for someone to take him. Jared came up with an idea!

He needed to surprise his wife in one cool way, so he arranged for her to be called by the shelter staff. She was requested to feature in their upcoming adoption video. Well, Kat couldn’t turn down something as noble as that, but what she didn’t know was that Jared was behind the whole video thing!

Come the day of the shooting of the “adoption video,” and Kat was handed a gray kitty. Just then, someone emerged from a corner and made her drool with surprise. Wait for that moment she checks the kitty’s name. Wow!

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