Swimming Elephants Are The Most Adorable Thing You Will See Today!


At the base of Mt. Fuji lies a zoo that is focused on the care and happiness of the animals they have been charged with caring for. As a part of their elephant compound, they built a massive pool that is 65 meters. This pool is unique because it features clear walls that allow visitors to see the elephants swimming. This pool gives these enormous animals their daily exercise and allows them to keep cool while having fun. This video is so adorable you will want to watch it again.

It is so amazing to see their huge bodies swimming so freely in the water. The pool also allows the staff to study the movements of the elephants and better understand how they swim. This video shows how committed this zoo is to the health and well-being of their animals. They also want to ensure their visitors have a great time experiencing each animal group. If you love seeing elephants swim, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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