A Sympathetic Tribute to One of the Most Famous and Beautiful Songs From the Early 1970’s


YouTube has had a way of making songs immortal or outright resurrecting them altogether. In this video, people will get the opportunity to hear a song that is from the early 1970’s, even though many of the people listening were either little kids back then or outright non-existent. However, this song might become just as much a part of their lives as it did for previous generations, and touching videos like this one will only further that trend.

The video is full of astronomical images that fit the song Have You Seen the Stars Tonight, which is the song playing in the background of the video. People will also get shots of the original musicians themselves, complete with their vintage hair and clothing styles. The song is calm and soothing but it has just a touch of sadness, which will appeal to people on many levels.

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Eduardo Franco Ocnarfeara

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