Synchronized Swimming Performed on Stage


When you think of synchronized swimming you will imagine it done in a pool with the cameras at the right angles to capture the movement in and out of the pool. These eight fifth grade boys perform a different take on synchronized swimming in this short video. And it will not only keep you laughing but they perform it quite well.

All eight boys walk on stage wearing swim trunks, shirts and swim caps. They also have towels wrapped around their waists, but they quickly kick those off as they start their performance. Being on stage they have a blue tarp that is draped across to symbolize the water. This means that you can’t see the boys when they are behind it, which lends to their performance as they stand up with their skit. They do everything in time to the music and do it as if they were really in the water, even pretending to dive into the water several times. There is a matt on the floor to protect them when they do this, but it is hilarious to see it every time they do.

At the end the men that are holding up the tarp raise it above the boys so you can see them all laying on the mat in perfect sequence. They then stand up and bow, then show off their muscles. This is a great video that you can please SHARE in Facebook.